Examination Tips

Prepare well
Make use of past exam question papers. That is why we thought it good to offer past exam papers to assist students

Go to bed early the previous night
Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep the previous night, so that you body will be well rested the next day. Cramming into the early morning hours is definitely not recommended.
Before you go to bed, make sure that pens, pencils, your calculator, your exam permit and identity document are all at hand. Put a reminder on your cell phone for this, or ask someone in your household to remind you.

Take extra stationery
You do not want to sit in the examination venue with a dry pen, and no replacement. Remember, strictly according to regulations, borrowing is not allowed during the examination!!!
Take a pencil sharpener and ensure that your pencil is sharp before you go into the venue. If you use a clutch pencil with loose leads, ensure that you have extra leads.
Make sure that you have an eraser for graphs and sketches.
Do not forget you ruler and set squares.
For engineering drawing, a scale rule, duster, eraser, and stencils are essential.

Get up early enough on the morning of the exam
Bear in mind whether you will travel to the venue by public transport, your own transport, or with a fellow student (he or she must be reliable and responsible).
The last thing that you want to worry about is getting to the venue on time. And you do not want to disadvantage yourself, by being late. Remember, there is no extra time for late coming.

Make sure that you know where the venue is
You do not want to waste time wandering around a large complex in search of your venue.

Keep to yourself
Do not talk to frantic, panicking fellow students who are often confused and argumentative Stay on your own, until it is time to enter the examination venue.

Read the question paper through, before commencing
Start with the question you know best, first. That will boost your confidence for the rest of that specific exam paper. — at Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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