Skills Programmes

merSETA Accreditation Number 17-QA/ACC/2005/20.

The course fees include learner material, PoE assessments & Moderation, Certification & Course Practical)


Assistant WelderSP 0302/09-17R85003 Months
Operate Metal Arc Welding BusinessSP 0326/09-17R85003 Months
Fabrication Assistance WelderSP 0391/09-17R85003 Months
Assistant Carbon Steel WelderSP 0393/09-17R85003 Months
Assistant Arc WelderSP 0425/10-17R85003 Months
Carbon Steel Welder 2SP 0508/10-17R85003 Months
Basic Arc & Gas WelderSP 0544/11-17R85003 Months
Basic Welding Course Level 2SP 0552/11-17R85003 Months
Basic Shielded Metal Arc WelderSP 0556/11-17R85003 Months
Safe Use of Gas Cutting ToolsSP 0634/12-17R85003 Months
Carbon Steel Arc and Gas Welding OperatorSP 0635/12-17R85003 Months
Basic Shield and Tungsten Arc WelderSP 0672/12-17R85003 Months
Carbon Steel Plate (Structural Welding)SP 0690/12-17R85003 Months
Basic Shield Metal Arc Welding (Down Hand)SP 0707/12-17R85003 Months
Gas Metal Arc Welding OperatorSP 0843/13-17R85003 Months
Welding Workshop AssistantSP 0854/13-17R85003 Months
Welding Machine OperatorSP 0864/13-17R85003 Months
Forming and Shaping of Metal PlateSP 0937/15-17R85003 Months
Basic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding & Forming of Sheetmetal SkillsSP 0938/15-17R85003 Months
Basic Shielded and Metal Welding SkillsSP 0940/15-17R85003 Months
Assistant Arc Welder (Phase 2)SP 0950/15-17R85003 Months
Submerged Arc Welding Skills ProgrammeSP 0684/12-17R85003 Months
Shielded Metal (Arc Welding)SP 0691/12-17R85003 Months
Carbon & Stainless-Steel Plate & Pipe Welding For CodingSP 0704/12-17R85003 Months
Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welding in All Positions Using JigsSP 0865/13-17R85003 Months
Operate an Advanced Carbon and Steel Pipe Welding BusinessSP 0327/09-17R85003 Months
Gas Tungsten and Metal Arc Welding SkillsSP 0858/13-17R85003 Months
Carbon Steel Pipe Welder (In All Positions)SP 0960/15-17R85003 Months
Coded Wire WelderSP 0685/12-17R85003 Months